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Richard F. Webb, a classically trained artist, is renowned for his automotive paintings. Throughout his life, Richard has been drawn to the design and romance of classic cars, modern machines, and racecars, especially formula one. 

Richard is an "old school" grid artist. He begins his design process with meticulously composed images, taking great care to match the color and style of each automobile against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes, architectural icons, and cloud-filled skies.  Once the concept is fully captured, he sketches it on canvas one inch square by one inch square until he has the full image sketched. Richard then applies layers of acrylic paint and other acrylic textures such as sand, modeling paste, and epoxy, to deep set wood panels until the painting comes to life and leaps off the canvas. Known for taking calculated risks with his art, Richard will often use nontraditional items as “canvas” such as surfboards, doors, and barn wood. He will also step outside of the automotive realm occasionally to paint abstracts such as his “Oxidation Series” (a take on automotive rust), portraits, and landscapes. 

Richard has been commissioned by art collectors, car aficionados and major global brands. He studied graphic arts at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and advertising design and graduate level painting at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. Richard received his BFA from Florida State.

Richard is the proud father of four grown sons and grandfather of two girls. He currently resides with his wife in Atlanta, GA.